Cape Town Teacher reveals R4,200 per day Money-Making Secret

by: David Van der Berg
  • April 18th 2016

    Discover the latest method to supplement your income!

    The day the twins were born was the happiest day of his life, but it put Grant le Roux, a high school teacher from Cape Town in a dilemma – should he find a second income, which would take him away from his newborns, or spend more time with his family, but raise them on a tighter budget?

    Grant was feeling desperate when one of his colleagues at work told him about a brilliant online method he was using.

    "You can supplement your income from home"

    “It was called binary options trading signals. These signals are basically high grade trading tips that help you trade. I had no trading experience, but he spoke so highly about these signals that I set aside my initial reluctance, and opened an account with a well-known binary options platform, EZTrader, which offers its members free trading signals."



    “I began slowly with a minimum deposit. I followed the platform’s trading signals carefully, and over a short time I began to see how the signals helped me profit on my trades. As my confidence grew, I gradually increased the amount for each trade until by the end of my first month my trading tips had resulted in almost a R34,000 profit."

    "Anyone can get connected to this system and start making much as R4,200 a day working from home..."

    The EZTrader platform’s free package of powerful and reliable trading signals is sourced from an independent provider, Trading Central, and sent straight to their users’ accounts. Following these signals can boost a user’s success and assist in making more profitable trades.

    I managed to earn over ten times my initial deposit. The beauty of this method is in its simplicity. You get a tip that helps you make an informed decision, for free! All you have to do is follow it.

    Once a signal's received, it’s up to the user to act on it and place a trade. There’s no need to spend hours watching the financial news and gathering data from market reports. The signals package all this information – you just have to place the trade.

    "My wife is grateful that I will spend more time at home with our children and still be able to provide additional income to our growing family."

    EZTrader’s free signals package. It’s quite remarkable." – Grant le Roux

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    Lauren Press 13 hours ago

    Sounds good. Is the Signals package actually free?

    Grant le Roux 13 hours ago

    Hi Lauren, yes! it’s absolutely free.

    Connor Perkins 16 hours ago

    Well done Grant, on making your story public.

    Lisa Ralston 13 hours ago

    I wish I had the courage to start something like this.

    Grant le Roux 1 day ago

    Hi Lisa, it’s really not a matter of courage. Just take a deep breath and dive right into it. You’ll be amazed at the results

    Dillon Irvine 1 day ago

    Thanks for sharing! Just got into trading about a month ago, and already made my first withdrawal for R4,500. Can’t believe it!

    Michael Gous 2 days ago

    This article couldn’t have come at a better timing. We are also getting ready for a major change in our lives and this could be the end of our struggle.

    Jeremy Hawkins 2 days ago

    Guys, it’s real! started trading about 2 weeks ago and the signals are really working for me!

    Bradley Van Veyk 3 days ago

    My initial R1000 has grown to R3200 in 2 weeks. My money has increased six times in such a short time! – I’ve tried loads of things to make money but this is by far the best.


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